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Gear Reducers

We fall back on a more than 70-year-old pool of experience in gear reducer manufacture. Our entire team supports your product ideas with its know-how and creativity! We take over all process steps for you. From concept study, via design and calculation, procurement of raw materials, machining, hardening, and assembly to measurement and documentation including test bench run – at LEAX you get everything from one source!

Your partner for individual gear reducer solutions

We provide gear reducer solutions mainly for the following industrial branches:

  • Rubber and plastics industry
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Environmental applications
  • Material handlings
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Gear solutions for the rubber and plastics industry

We support this industry’s success by designing, individually customizing, and delivering high-quality gear reducers, such as helical cut planetary gear reducers, side feeding and degasification facilities as well as sophisticated calenders.

The gears made of high-quality materials and featuring an optimized number of teeth and sensible modification of the profile, are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing machines. They contribute to the minimal occurrence of surface disturbances and transverse markings. These gear reducers incorporate helical cut planetary stages and special gear ratios, which guarantee unmatched smoothness and an optimal transmission function. LPG gear reducers are available with free drive and output shafts as well as with motor lanterns for IEC or servo motors. We are flexible to adapt to your needs! 

Gear solutions for the food and beverage industry

Shutdowns in the production of easily perishable foods must be avoided, from an economic as well as ecological perspective. When developing customized gear boxes for the food industry, we clearly focus on the specific hygiene requirements and safety aspects as well as great reliability.

As experts for special gear boxes in the food industry, we develop solutions for the following areas of application, in close cooperation with our customers:

  • Separation of liquid mixtures
  • Clarification of liquids
  • Thickening and dewatering
  • Starch, oil, and fat extraction

Our new range of decanter gear boxes – a wide range of advantages for you!

  • Robust design with reduced weight, easy maintenance, and perfectly balanced rotating assembly
  • Optimized competitiveness through low life cycle costs, superior effectiveness, and conversion of braking energy
  • Modular gear box system leads to shorter lead time and lower costs
  • High bowl speed leads to optimized separation efficiency
  • High power density because of high torque at high differential speed which is independent from the drum speed
  • Better process control by easy release of the drum in case of blockage and the possibility to start up the decanter without differential speed
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Gear solutions for environmental applications

Our decanter gear boxes are used in diverse wastewater treatment processes. They offer an important contribution to the sustainable treatment of sludge and help, for example, municipal wastewater companies cut costs by thickening sludge and thus reducing the volume of waste. Our gear solutions can also be used to recover raw materials from wastewater.

Gear solutions for material handlings

Our focus is on continuously developing our concepts to get your ideas going in the shortest time possible. We have decided to focus on planetary gear boxes, as these have a particularly high power density thanks to their compactness and lightness.

We provide you with different types of wheel hub drives and reducers for hydraulic motors as well as reducers for specific applications such as shunting of train wagons.


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