Assembly in world class.


LEAX delivers today subsystems directly to both our big heavy vehicle customers´ chassi lines and passenger car customer engine assembly lines. We manufacture components, assemble and in some cases paints complete subsystems.

Some subsystems that we deliver are:

  • Propeller shafts
  • Hub reductions
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Gearboxes

Our propeller shaft manufacturing has an assembly and painting in world class. Today LEAX assembles propeller shafts to all Scania´s production sites in Europe and Brazil. The assembly and delivery is in sequence.

By expanding our involvement in the value chain we have got an increased competence regarding the function and demands on the components that we deliver. We hereby contribute to improve these components which leads to increased benefits for our customers.

We also have low volume of assembly when it comes to very complex industrial gearboxes with high precision. We have a long and broad competence and experience within this area. Here we own the whole value chain from design to machining and ready product which gives us full control from start to finish. We design our own gearboxes in order to optimize the performance and the production efficiency of the machining and assembly.

100 000
propeller shafts per year
delivery precision

We deliver around 100 000 propeller shafts per year and have during eight years had a delivery precision of 100% in right sequence and in right time!

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