Mining & Construction

Within the mining and construction industry, LEAX supplies components for, among other things, rock drill hammers and other rotationally symmetrical products. The market dynamics within these end markets are relatively similar to the automotive market in the sense that similar components, such as electric motors and gearboxes etc., are used by customers in these end markets as well. This means that LEAX can take advantage of production processes and other synergy effects that arise between its various end markets.

A prerequisite for supplying our customers within this segment is knowledge of their processes. This also implies that we take a life cycle approach on the products. We need to adapt our knowledge about material and heat treatment in order to develop the products together with our customers. To support us we have quite a number of competent suppliers.

Right competence and the right equipment provide sustainable products

In fact, many of these products need to be so strong and tough, that it might be difficult to produce them unless you have the right competence and the right equipment. LEAX has got that. We have adapted machines and a strong competence for machining parts to the Mining- and Construction industry such as for example threads, splines, long hole drilling etc. We are also very volume flexible with production of both low and high series all according to the customer´s requirements.

Our main customers in this segment are for example is Epiroc which we have many projects together with and Sandvik Mining & Construction.

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