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Surface treatment

LEAX Group is a major subcontractor for Commercial Vehicles, Mining & Construction, Agriculture, Automotive and General Industry. For several produced parts there is a need of Surface Treatment in some way. The common use of surface treatment is to prevent start corrosion by using inhibitors in the rinse step, that combined with rust protection bags and a close monitoring system to check pH and the concentration for the rinse fluid, prevent us from sending parts that are contaminated with rust. For assembled parts we can provide a paint system that both is environmental friendly and fulfill our customer’s requirement for a paint system.

Process used for the propeller shaft

The paint shop uses the AquenceTM Autophoretic® 866™ Series that is a Henkel coating technology. This water-based organic barrier coating efficiently and uniformly coats metal parts. To achieve perfect condition before the ACC coating there is a pretreatment system with two washing steps and three steps of rinsing performance, the last rinse step is the one with DI water. To prevent the surface from mechanical damage we use an epoxy topcoat.

Thermal spraying

The process

Thermal spraying is performed with the electric arc wire method in high volume series production as shown in the picture below. We spray with aluminium, however different material can be used.

The benefit of thermal spraying

There are many reasons for surface treatment with thermal spraying, in our case the sprayed parts are to be casted into an aluminium part and our customer achieve increased fatigue strength in this way.

The Know-How

LEAX Arkivator Sweden has the exceptional experience to execute this process in high volume series production.