LEAX Skaraborg AB
Göteborgsvägen 5
521 22 Falköping
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LEAX Skaraborg

LEAX Skaraborg has got sites in Falköping in the southwest of Sweden with around 75 employees. The company supplies machining of casted iron, steel and aluminium. The main part of the production is of products such as couplings for 4 wheel drives, bearing supports, companion flanges, exhaust manifolds and parts for industrial robots.

Our customers are amongst the market leaders within the automotive industry, general industry and the telecom industry.


Kjell Carlsson
Site Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
M +46 70 593 62 21
LEAX Skaraborg
Sourcing & Purchasing
Site Manager
Andreas Geidvall
Maintenance Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
T +46 515 68 67 57
M +46 72 224 10 59
LEAX Skaraborg
Hans Jansson
BU President Nordics & South America
LEAX do Brasil
LEAX Falun
LEAX Group
LEAX Mekaniska
LEAX Skaraborg
Martin Jonsson
Key Account Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
M +46 73 625 36 17
LEAX Skaraborg
Market & Sales
Hakija Kapetanovic
Technical Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
M +46 73-625 36 30
LEAX Skaraborg
Tobias Karlsson
Logistics Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
T +46 515 72 36 16
M +46 72 216 61 61
LEAX Skaraborg
Henrik Klingborg
Quality & Environment Manager, LEAX Skaraborg
M +46 73 262 26 17
LEAX Skaraborg
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