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LEAX Hungary Zrt. lies in Mezökövesd in Hungary approximately 130 km and 1,5 h northeast from Budapest. The company has around 300 employees and became a part of the LEAX Group after the acquisition of Arkivator Industry in August 2013. The company has existed in the region since the 1970's and has therefore good local knowledge and experience of the business acumen in the country.

The core competencies are CNC machining and assembly with full responsibility for the entire value chain. There is a wide range of subcontractors in the region that supply us with material and services.

The production is from small parts to medium sized parts and with volumes that are from medium sized series up o semi high series. The processes are general turning including bar fed machines as single piece turning, milling, grinding and assembly.

We produce complex articles to customers within the automotive industry, general industry and the telecom industry.

GOP-2.1.1-08/B-2008-0141 GOP-2.1.1-08/B-2008-0141

Project title: Development of complex technical and technological Exira Hungary Ltd.

Project Description: As part of the "complex technical and technological development of Exira Hungary Ltd. 'project high-tech equipment, purchase of equipment,
IT development, and quality management system certification has occurred. The project is funded by the EU, the European Regional Development Fund co -funded.

Beneficiary name and contact information: LEAX Hungary Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. 3400 Mezőkövesd,
Szihalmi u. 7

GOP- 2.1.3 -11- 2011-0060

Project Name : Complete technology development and the expansion of employment in the Exira Hungary Zrt

Project Description : Basic purpose of responding to market demand for an increase in production volumes, a secure operating environment , so new orders in the context of EU enlargement capacity to complete the project implements associated with the manufacture of metal parts for machine procurement and real estate development. The total eligible investment cost of EUR 1,640,180,133 , resulting in the creation of new jobs for the 30 person company to reduce production costs , in addition to the product range expansion. LEAX Hungary Ltd. (Exir Hungary Ltd). manages the priority of the continuous technological modernization. As a result of the investment in the technological level of the production process increases, the ability to improve product innovation, the latest available technology will be available. The project is funded by the EU, the European Regional Development Fund co-financed by the ERDF.

Beneficiary name and contact information: LEAX Hungary Industry & Trade Co. Ltd. 3400 Mezőkövesd Szihalmi u. 7

For more information:

LEAX Hungary
Szihalmi út 7,
3400 Mezőkövesd, Hungary

Phone: +36 49 505 400
E-mail: moc.xael@yragnuhxael.noitpecer


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LEAX Hungary

Peter Luberts
BU President International

András Farkas
Site Manager, LEAX Hungary

Phone: + 36 49 505 405
Mobile: +36 20 346 2765
István Kacsó
Business Unit Sales Manager

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Csaba Kuzsmiczky
Production Manager

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István Tamás
Logistics Manager

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Anita Eremiás
Key Account Manager, LEAX Hungary

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Gábor Kádas
Accounting Manager

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Zoltán Augusztin
Technical Quality & Environmental Manager

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Viktor Fügedi

Phone: +36 49 505 408
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István Póta
Maintenance Manager

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Márta Sebe-Ván
Customer Support

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Krisztina Nagy
Customer Support

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Adrienn Molnár
Customer Support

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Tímea Kovács
Group marketing specialist

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