LEAX China
LEAX Precision Machinery (Wuxi) Co.Ltd
No28-11/12, Xinda Road, Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park
Wuxi city
Jiangsu ProvinceP.R. China
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LEAX China

LEAX China is a mechanical manufacturing supplier for LEAX Group’s global customers in the Chinese market. We are strategically placed in Wuxi to be able to provide our main customers with our services. Customer driven growth is the main reason of LEAX’s presence in China. Currently the company provides soft machining. Most of the customers are found within the general industry sector.

LEAX China will have a strong growth of approximately 60% the coming years to reach the strategy and sales target of 300MSEK within the group. The aim is that LEAX China year 2020 will be a leading manufacturer of advanced end components to the Asian market.


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