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Production & Processes

The LEAX process chain

One stop solution

We cover a wide range of processes throughout the value chain, starting with pre-production processes like research, development, prototyping and sourcing. Obviously, serial production is our core process supported by value adding processes like heat and surface treatment and assembly. Spare part and after sales service is a part of our daily business in the automotive industry.

Hard-to-beat competitiveness

For high volume serial production, we use modern and efficient production equipment with a high level of automation. The resulting salary share of only 15% allows us to keep producing in our home country.

We use more manual or semi-automated production methods when volumes and requirements are lower and often implement these projects in best cost countries.

We use “LEAN” as a mind-set in all activities, resulting in annual productivity improvements. Another factor for high efficiency is the increased use of multi-operations machines.

Our core processes are

  • CNC soft machining
  • Case and induction hardening
  • CNC hard machining
  • Surface treatment
  • Assembly

Our flexible production solutions

Serial production is our cardinal process. We build flexible production cells according to your requirements and annual volumes. For us, small volume projects mean just as much as high volume projects. Our choice of factories allows us to find the best home for your products. In many cases we have proven that we can produce better than our competitors – and even better than our customers, who often decide to outsource their production to us completely and gain time for other business matters.

Product range - components and systems

Components and systems

Research, development and design

Every good product is the result of fundamental research. At the Tech Center, our research on future electrical support concepts for engines, gearboxes and axles takes place. A close cooperation with our customers and also with our collaborating universities guarantees the best end-product possible.

Product design and prototyping are the subsequent steps in the development process of a new product. Engineering teams in our locations worldwide use standard tools like 3D CAD design, FEM and FMEA analysis, amongst others, to create reliable products that also follow DFM/DFA principles.

Optimized production

  • Minimized production cost
  • LEAX production system (LPS)
  • LEAX Industrial System (LIS)
  • Secured Quality & Efficiency
  • Coordinated outsourcing & Ramp-up
  • Leveraging LEAX's automated processes
  • 5S Workshops

LEAX Production System (LPS)

LEAX Production System ensures stable processes and continuous improvements. LPS supports LEAX's growth through LEAN manufacturing by eliminating waste and releasing assets and resources that is reinvested in the production.

LEAX Industrial System (LIS)

LEAX Industrial System is critical success factors along with developed core competence areas for managing industrial enterprises. LIS reinforces the LEAX brand and is applicable to any industrial system. LIS adds further dimensions to the LPS. By following LIS, LEAX achieves a higher level of maturity in being a world class manufacturer with global competitiveness.

Soft and Hard CNC machining

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Heat treatment

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Surface Treatment & Painting

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Measurement & Test

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In-line processes

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