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LEAX Mekaniska

Supplier and partner to North European manufacturing industry

Our goal is to be a preferred supplier and partner to North European manufacturing industry regarding machining and assembly of components and subsystems in volumes of 2 to 100 000 units per year. We also manufacture prototypes of mechanical components as well as design, manufacture and assemble toolings and fixtures.

Through our wide capacity we can follow a product through its life cycle; prototype, serial production in large series and spare part production.

Our production is divided into three different areas, each with its own speciality:

  • Serial production
  • Small series production
  • Gear production


We have three types of production that we can offer our customers. Series production, small series production and gear production.

Series production

We work mainly with North European industry. Our largest customers can be found within the automotive and electromechanical industries. We do mechanical cutting and assembly of components in series of 8 000 - 100 000 units per year. We specialize in rotational geometries like axles and gears. Our manufacturing is highly automated.

A few of our special competencies are:

  • Long hole drilling
  • Splines rolling
  • Small series production  

Here we focus on design, manufacturing and assembly of shorter production series as well as tooling and fixtures. We also do prototyping of mechanical components.

The production volumes vary between "one offs" up to 8 000 units per year.

Gear production

Our scope includes both manufacturing of a complete finished gear according to customer specification and  support with a specific manufacturing step.

We work with a number of different machining processes.

LEAX Mekaniska

Nya Hamnvägen 4
731 36 Köping, Sweden

Glasgatan 20
731 30 Köping, Sweden

E-mail: moc.xael@ofni


LEAX Mekaniska

Hans Jansson
BU President Nordics & South America

Johan Håkansson
Site Manager, LEAX Mekaniska

Mobile: +46 73 026 08 89
Peter Skoglund
Production Manager

Mobile: +46 72 203 19 89
Klas Svensson
Quality & Environment Manager

Mobile: +46 70 338 08 41
Robert Johansson
Logistics Manager

Mobile: +46 761 38 74 71
Roger Morberg

Mobile: +46 70 655 99 78
Kenneth Andersson
Engineering & Maintenance Manager

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