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New environmental certification for Latvia

Following very extensive efforts LEAX Rezekne, Latvia, is now certified according to ISO 50 001, contributing to what is known as an ”energomanagement system”. 

A list of actions (PGAS) was made at the outset, which led to the conclusion that it would be best to start with efforts to lower the consumption of electricity, moving on with savings on heating and water. 

- ISO 50 001 is similar to ISO 14001, as regards Plan-DO-Check-Act (PDCA) system. Top management was involved in the work from the start. The hardest part was the energy review, where we had to look into our facility´s past electricity consumption and understand how this consumption could change in the future. But thanks to all data we collected we got a good baseline, performance indicators and could create energy objectives, energy targets and energy management action plans – says environment and quality manager Normunds Teirumnieks, who together with Gints Jacuks, Site Manager, was in charge of the work.

After the review several actions were undertaken. Among these were training and awareness plan for the employees in order to upgrade their competence and directly involve them with the new standard. An initiative met with great enthusiasm by all! Shortly the energy consumption began to decrease.

- The Latvian government states that ISO 50 001 certification will be mandatory from 2018 so LEAX is ahead and does not have to stress with that at that time. Instead, by being early and effective, we have a competitive edge compared to many others. Besides the environmental gains we have enjoyed several other positive effects from the certification and the efforts associated with it – says Normunds Teirumnieks.

From left to right Gints Jačuks (Site Manager), Normunds Teirumnieks (Quality & Environmental Manager), Andrejs Vandišs-Bubko (Supervisor of Buildings & Territory), Raimonds Borisovs (Quality Engineer) and Māris Zariņš (not in the picture)
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