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LEAX do Brasil is completing 1 year of global supply on Propeller Shafts!

LEAX Group started its production of Propeller Shafts in South America in May/2015. Today, LEAX produces Propeller Shafts according to the same global specification and the same production processes in both LEAX Falun, located in Sweden, and LEAX do Brasil, located in Curitiba, Brazil – which enables us to mirror our customers´ global footprint.

LEAX do Brasil has now completed 1 year of just-in-sequence supply. LEAX do Brasil is now looking to expand the customer base, providing Propeller Shafts both standard and according to customer specification.

Contact our European team in Falun or our Brazilian team in Curitiba and book a visit to our facilities.

LEAX Falun – Lars Gustafsson: moc.xael@nossfatsug.sral

LEAX do Brasil – Gabriel Kleinke: moc.xael@eknielk.leirbag

Moving forward with LEAX!

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