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High voltage sustainability

• Modular camshafts, uniquely designed for every customer for best performance and sustainability.
• New techniques, making electrification smarter by substituting copper with steel/aluminum in electrical engines.

These are two new projects LEAX and select business partners currently are working on together. The projects are managed by Frank Johansen, who operates within LEAX's new segment New Business and Innovation.

- Supported by LEAX network, competence and customer interactions we swiftly found areas and projects where our expertise within cutting, machining and grinding, for example, matches evolving market demands. Most notably within electrification and sustainability, says Frank Johansen.

Curious about these projects? Contact Frank Johansen via moc.xael@nesnahoj.knarf

About LEAX Group:

LEAX Group is the parent company of a group (“LEAX Group”) with about 1,300 employees. LEAX Group has operations in Köping, Falun, Falköping and Tidaholm in Sweden, Riga and Rezekne in Latvia, Curitiba in Brazil, Detmold in Germany, Mezökövesd in Hungary and Wuxi in China. LEAX Group is a manufacturer of mechanical components and subsystems for the heavy vehicle industry, passenger cars, mining and construction industries and other engineering industries. LEAX Group also delivers customized gearboxes for various mechanical engineering industries. LEAX Group’s sales for 2018 amounted to approx. 1.8 billion SEK.

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