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Hardening investment

The new LPC (Low Pressure Carburizing) furnace, an investment of approximately 15 million SEK, has arrived at LEAX Brinkmann, Germany. The extensive installation takes about two months and the first hot load is scheduled for December. With the additional induction machine in Falköping, Sweden, the LPC furnace is a central part of the massive MBS project.

– LPC hardening involves a new technology, a new process for LEAX, but has been a mainstay in the automotive industry for some twenty years now. In December production starts with test parts. We deliver for the MBS project 2018-19. In the meantime, we switch hardening from the older oven to the new, says Anders G Larsson, COO Heat Treatment.

The new LPC furnace is, of course, more energy efficient, faster and more flexible. It matches the requirements within automotive. In 2021, LPC is vital in the production of three million parts at LEAX Brink­mann. The current furnace is more suitable for longer, heavier items. Both have capacity for treating products from other LEAX sites during 2018-2019.

– We get a higher production rate and better-quality control with our new LPC furnace. Like many other production flows within LEAX, we take control of the process instead of outsourcing this critical heat treatment step.

In Falköping, the new induction hardening is in place.

– Not only do we have a new induction hardening, but we have also added expertise among our staff. With the scope of the MBS project, we need more people competent in heat treatment, says Jennifer Ottosson, Site Manager.

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