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Elias Häggström was named The Engineer of the Year 2017!

Elias Häggström was named The Engineer of the Year 2017!

We are glad to inform you that Elias Häggström, Project Manager at LEAX Group, has received the Engineer of the Year award 2017! This award was announced by the region of Västra Mälardalen in Sweden during their annual ceremony in which they give prizes to individuals and companies that have made fantastic efforts for exceptional ideas and entrepreneurship in the region.

“It is not so difficult to make a good work when we have the world’s best job” – says Elias in his acceptance speech.

Elias was nominated by LEAX due to his good business skills and ability to lead projects with great technical challenges. Elias has used LEAX’s global expertise and network to deliver production methods for trending products. He has worked closely with our customers to create, manufacture and deliver new products for the future of our industry. With his commitment and knowledge, he focuses to be a pioneer in future production methods for electrical driveline products by daring to try and develop new technologies that are not yet established on the market.

Congratulations for the award and the good work, Elias! LEAX is very proud of you!

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