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Code of Conduct


LEAX Group Code of Conduct has been created to underline the principles that LEAX Group uses in its relationship with employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

Code of conduct

In cooperation with stakeholders, the following principles should be followed:

Legal compliance

In each situation, the companies within the Group LEAX shall follow the laws, regulations and recommendations applicable in the countries where the companies operate. In a situation where laws do not provide guidance, our values and principles below shall then be used as a guide. If conflict of the laws, rules, and our policy takes place, the legislative compliance is prioritized.

Relations with business partners

LEAX Group's relationship with business partners must be permeated by openness, fairness and the use of best business practice. LEAX Group shall not in any way give clients, potential clients, government agencies or representatives thereof, rewards and benefits that are contrary to law or business practice.

LEAX Group representatives may not accept gifts, payments or other forms of compensation from third parties that could affect our business decisions.

Accounting and reporting

All financial transactions in LEAX Group shall be treated under current law and practice. LEAX Group shall always be able to present reports that are open, true, relevant and timely.

Conflicts of interest

All employees and Board members shall conduct their private and other external affairs in such a way as not to conflict with the interests of LEAX Group.
Should a conflict of interest arise, it should be reported immediately to immediate supervisor for evaluation by the management.

Political interference

LEAX Group shall be neutral to political parties and their agents. No form of sponsorship of parties or candidates shall be present.

Environmental concerns

In the operations and products of LEAX Group energy and raw materials should always be used with such effectiveness that the waste is minimized. Our exchange policy ensures that we always choose the input that gives the least impact on environmental and health risks. Our environmental practices ensure that we routinely inspect, detect, report and resolve current and future risks.

Human rights

In an atmosphere of openness LEAX Group supports and respects international rules related to human rights and ensure that our business does not conflict with them. LEAX Group shall employ and manage staff in such a way that we do not discriminate anyone based on gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, political or trade union affiliation, social or ethnic orientation.
At all levels of LEAX Group, diversity is encouraged.

No form of coercion or the use of workers whose age is below the law may be used. Our procedures for safety ensure that we, at all times, meet or exceed the laws, requirements and regulations in the countries where LEAX Group operates.

Responsibility of Managers and Employees

It is the responsibility of LEAX Group managers to communicate and demonstrate the content as well as the spirit of this document within their organizations, and to encourage employees to reveal behavior that may be non-compliant with these principles. Explicit or implicit approval of questionable actions will not be tolerated.

Reports of violations of this code may be done anonymously and confidentially to the CEO of LEAX Group. Persons reporting violations in good faith will not be subject to retaliation.

This Code of Conduct will consistently be enforced. Failure to comply with its provisions can result in disciplinary action.

This Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Board of Directors of LEAX Group and can only be amended or waived by the Board. Any amendments or waivers shall be disclosed.