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Quality & Environment

From the very first step, the quality of your product is our main focus. For us, quality assurance and the protection of the environment is very important. Therefore, we develop stable processes that follow the guidelines of our certifications (ISO TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VDA 6.1).

Industry standard quality assurance tools like measuring, function tests and metallurgical examination ensure that our customers will only receive products of the highest quality.

Logistics Excellence – Speed

High delivery precision is a standard requirement from our customer base. We are flexible to fulfill such needs on Logistics. Our offering ranges from pick-up by the customer to Just-In-Sequence (JIS) deliveries where we have proven results of zero default over several years.

Just-In-Sequence delivery

Fast time to market

We have decades of experience in industrialisation of products. We will find the right production set-up and we will ensure that your project will be implemented in the fastest possible way. Thanks to our global footprint, we are able to start one project in several locations simultaneously so even very challenging projects with numerous components and a variety of needed processes can be managed fast.

When implementation timing is critical we often buy used machines, because they are much faster available than new machines. Our experienced maintenance technicians rebuild them as necessary to suit production needs. Moreover, we have a comprehensive network of suppliers for machining tools that secure shortest possible lead times on tooling.

Quality, Environmental and Work environmental policies

Quality, Environmental and Work environmental issues are an integrated part of the daily activity. LEAX fulfills all legal requirements, other requirements and works continuously to develop our standards to be a good example for our employees, customers and for other interested parties.

See our policies below:

LEAX Detmold GmbH
LEAX do Brasil
LEAX Hungary Zrt.
LEAX Mekaniska AB
LEAX Rezekne SIA
LEAX Skaraborg
LEAX Tidaholm

Environmental progress

Planning 2015

  • LEAX do Brasil is planning to develop a pilot for the green electrical energy generation and evaluate the efficiency to generate energy. Environmental awareness and training is also planned during the year and continuous reduction of scrap cost to avoid extra consumption of energy, oils and transport because of rework or make extra parts.
  • LEAX Skaraborg starts a project to recycle process water in Falköping and Tidaholm.
  • LEAX Falun is planning to recycle energy connected to district heating.
  • LEAX Hungary will decrease the air pollution level in the shop floor environment; additional machines will be connected into the central exhaust system. Build up a new hazardous waste collection place, in order to separate the material from the normal waste and have an external storage for those. Continue the environmental awareness trainings with the second section for all employees.
  • LEAX China is planning a pre-study to review the possibilities to recycle electricity energy for machining of the facilities.
  • LEAX Mekaniska has a goal to make 35 improvement actions with a positive environmental impact during 2015. Also launched is a new goal that in 5 years time to have all the light bulbs replaced to LED. Pending large improvements are centrifuging of chips and exchange to frequency controlled air compressor at Hamnvägen, which have been put on hold earlier.

Year 2014

  • LEAX do Brasil was certified the ISO 14001 certification. The environmental projects last year were related to build and adequate the disposal of wastes, install the system for fire and lightning protection.
  • LEAX Skaraborg has optimized the ventilation and light in the production area and office area. Started to use “green energy” with certificate of origin. Started recycling heat from the server-room.
  • LEAX Hungary has implemented the usage of the recycled paper in the office and production area. Decreased the level of the stored used cooling water and finished the first section of the environmental awareness trainings.
  • LEAX China had an environmental project regarding recycling of waste such as boxes, paper and plastics by packing and transporting back what is to be recycled to the supplier.
  • LEAX Mekaniska made 42 smaller improvement actions (exceeding the goal of 30) with positive environmental impact.

Year 2013

  • LEAX Baltix finalized an environmental project regarding recycling of waste such as plastic, paper and stripes by sorting, packing, pressing that is recycled back to the supplier.
  • LEAX Baltix has installed reactive power compensation batteries to reduce the reactive power of the electricity system and thus reduced the electricity consumption.
  • LEAX Mekaniska installed a frequency controlled compressor for compressed air with 40 000 kWh lower consumption per year.
  • LEAX Falun has installed a fast door system for forklift trucks with lower heating costs as a result.
  • LEAX Falun has changed and renewed the heat recycling in the general ventilation system and has hereby lowered the energy consumption for heating of the facilities.

Year 2012

  • Lamps have been changed to a new type of luminescent lamp which gives improved lighting and a better work environment at LEAX Baltix in Riga. This reduces the energy consumption with up to 30 % than earlier.
  • LEAX Rezekne is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Year 2011

  • LEAX Mekaniska AB starts a project regarding energy efficiency in cooperation with IUC Öst.

Year 2010

  • LEAX Mekaniska AB has during 2010 systematically centrifuged oily chips. The aim to reduce thepurchase of cutting oil with >8 m3 per year from 2008 has exceeded with the double. During 2010 a total of 17,6 m3  was centrifuged which gave a reduced purchase cost of approximately 500 000 SEK.
  • LEAX Mekaniska AB has during 2010 systematically evaporated cooling emulsions in order to minimize the amount of dangerous waste that has to be transported away.

Year 2009

  • LEAX Mekaniska will in collaboration with Mälardalens Högskola test and evaluate a new type of fluorescent lamp which is estimated to save at least 50% of the electricity consumption.
  • A new paint shop at LEAX Falun is established where the consumption of solvent is reduced from approximately 13 000 kg per year in the existing paint shop to approximately 1200 kg per year.
  • LEAX Mekaniska will start with evaporation of cooling emulsion in order to minimize the amount of dangerous waste that has to be transported away.

Year 2008

  • LEAX Mekaniska began to centrifuge chips containing traces of oil at the site at Glasgatan. The purchase of cutting oils was reduced with >8m3 per year.
  • When establishing the new production site LEAX Baltix in Rezekne, Latvia, soil heating is installed to warm up the facilities with. This reduces the outlet with 90% compared to traditional heating with natural gas.  


Year 2007

  • LEAX Components starts with evaporation of cooling emulsion to minimize the amount of hazardous waste.
  • LEAX Baltix (Pinki, Riga) is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Year 2002

  • GenerPro is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Year 1997

  • LEAX Mekaniska is certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.