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LEAX Group has in a short period of time grown from a small company with only two employees to a group of eleven companies with about 1200 employees. Below you can read about some of the milestones that make the LEAX Group history.


On the 1st of February 2022, the LEAX Group celebrates its 40th anniversary.


LEAX launches its first own Propeller Shaft the LIP16.


Establishment of Center of Excellence for precision components.


Launching production of EV components at LEAX Rezekne.


  • LEAX 3.0 takes place: After leading the company for 18 years, Roger Berggren becomes a member of the board of directors and leaves his operational role. Henrik Fagrenius steps up from Deputy President to CEO of LEAX Group.
  • LEAX Group turns 35!
  • Establishes new testing and R&D centre for propeller shafts
  • Telecom businesses are sold and LEAX become a minority owner of Arkivator Telecom.


LEAX Group receives Quality Excellence Award 2016 from Meritor.
  • First order from Huawai, the giant, to BA Telecom.
  • BA Telecom successfully launched its manufacturing in India.
  • LEAX Group receives Quality Excellence Award 2016 from Meritor.


  • LEAX do Brasil delivers the two first propeller shaft, a pair of P644, thanks to the know-how transferred within LEAX Group.
  • New structured gearbox production at LEAX Brinkmann – Helical cut planetary gear reducers (PL-SS).
  • LEAX Hungary receives the Certified Supplier Award by Toyota.
  • LEAX Group production network wins largest order in LEAX’s history: the annual sales will be around 200 MSEK and total contract value is more than 1 000 MSEK.
  • LEAX Group wins the Great Supplier Award from FKG.


Grand Opening of LEAX Heat in Latvia
  • LEAX Group’s goal of presence in all BRIC countries achieved.
  • Grand Opening of LEAX Heat in Latvia.
  • New Antenna series from LEAX Arkivator Telecom.
  • Stock storage at LEAX Rezekne is extended.
  • Roger Berggren receives the EOY prime – Entrepreneur of The Year!


LEAX Arkivator Sweden, LEAX Arkivator Telecom, LEAX Hungary and LEAX China were founded in August when Arkivator Industry and Arkivator-Exir Telecom were acquired. LEAX hereby acquires two plants in Sweden, one in Falköping and one in Tidaholm, one plant in Mezökövesd in Hungary and one plant in Kunshan in China. The acquisition includes LEAX Arkivator Telecom, a supplier of wireless communication to global customers with the headquarter in Gothenburg, in Sweden.

LEAX Brinkmann was founded the 1st of April 2013 when LEAX acquired the business of Gebr. Brinkmann GmbH in Detmold, Germany.


LEAX celebrates 30 years (1982 - 2012) with a big jubilee party that lasts two days.


In June 2011 LEAX is officially established in Araucária, Curitiba, Brazil. LEAX Group hereby expands its current establishments in Sweden and Latvia by forming a new LEAX company in South America called LEAX do Brasil. The official inauguration of LEAX do Brasil was held in March 2012.


LEAX Baltix sets up its second factory in Latvia, in the city Rezekne close to the Russian border.


LEAX starts taking over the site in Falun.


Agreement with Scania regarding taking over their site in Falun.


LEAX acquires ABB´s Machine Shop in Ludvika.


LEAX Mekaniska is certified according to ISO/TS16949.


LEAX Group starts own production in Riga, Latvia.


GenerPro is certified according to ISO9000 and ISO14000 by BVQI.


LEAX Group starts a new company in Riga/Latvia. LEAX Baltix will provide LEAX Group and our customers with mechanical components. LEAX Baltix will also work with consultancy and education within quality, environment and production technology. Q Control opens its second regional office. This time in Stockholm.


GenerPro is founded and becomes one of the first independent contract manufacturers of power generation equipment. LEAX takes over the axle production from ABB Motors and the dog clutch production from Arvin Meritor. LEAX Mekaniska AB is certified according to QS 9000, which means that we're allowed to deliver to the automotive industry.


The production area increases with 4000 square metres. Q Control opens its first region office in Malmö.


LEAX Group is certified according to ISO 14001 by BVQI.


LEAX acquires Kuggservice in Köping and a third "leg" is added to the LEAX Group.


LEAX and Q Control are certified according to ISO 9001 by BVQI.


Q Control was founded.


LEAX Mekaniska AB's turnover in 1991 was 10 MSEK with 18 employees.


LEAX Mekaniska acquired a small manufacturing company named Åke Ohlsons Mekaniska. The work with quality system according to ISO 9000 started.


First expansion to our own facilities. Turnover of 4MSEK


LEAX Group was founded by Lennart Berggren and Axel Seger (LeAx).