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LEAX Tidaholm

LEAX Tidaholm is situated in Tidaholm in the southwest of Sweden with around 45 employees. The company supplies machining of casted iron, steel and aluminium.

The main part of the production is of products such as couplings for 4 wheel drives, bearing supports, companion flanges, exhaust manifolds and parts for industrial robots.

Our customers are amongst the market leaders within the automotive industry, general industry and the telecom industry.



LEAX Tidaholm, Tidaholm
V.Ringvägen 6
522 31 Tidaholm, Sweden

E-mail: moc.xael@dit.ofni

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LEAX Tidaholm

Anders Wiik
Site Manager, LEAX Tidaholm

Mobile: +46 70 549 99 61
Ola Bergkvist
Technical & Maintenance Manager, LEAX Tidaholm

Mobile: +46 72 454 05 70
Thommy Karlbom
Quality and Environmental Coordinator, LEAX Tidaholm

Mobile: +46 73 806 09 28
Johan Thorn
Logistics manager, LEAX Tidaholm

Mobile: +46 73 065 71 64