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The Good Example

We are proud to announce that LEAX Skaraborg received the award as “The Good Example” in the municipality of Falköping, Sweden.

Jennifer Ottosson is responsible for such a good work in cooperation with the Swedish Public Employment Service which resulted in this award.

- We have opened our doors to young people that have been unemployed for a long period. We received them with open arms so that they could gain experience and knowledge by working with us and have better opportunities in their future career.

- To do such work requires time and resources for the company because we need people in the organization to be responsible for their development and receive and teach them in a good way so that they get the right training and knowledge.

This work will continue at LEAX Skaraborg and we hope to expand it to other factories as well!

See the interview with Jennifer (in swedish) here.

About LEAX Group:
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